Sunday, August 16, 2009

Walk #227: Them Bones and Turkey Feathers...

Back up into the 100 degree range today. I couldn't talk anyone but Angel (who is always willing to go for a romp) to go for a walk with me. Wearing my new Monkey Wrench Gang t-shirt--which I wear in a constant monotonous rotation with two Beatles t-shirts---I headed out.

I found a turkey feather that Joni shows off above.

And Angel. Stubborn, ill-behaved dog that she is. She ran off into the woods, only to come bounding back with a couple of ribs attached to a vertebral column. I'm thinking it belongs to a Fawn. Angel found it close to where I've seen a mountain lion prowling about.

A long walk today.


Ian Woofenden said...

My last ride in Maine, for this season at least. I intended to do about an 8-mile loop, but a road that Google maps said went through looked like something I'd tackle on my mountain bike, but not on my brother's road bike. So I went the long way, and did about 16 miles. Checked out a picnic spot and sandwich source so I can get my folks out in the air by the river for lunch later today.

Tomorrow will be walking through airports, though I might get home in time for a ride on the island. We'll see how I feel after getting up at 3:30 AM eastern to head for the airport.

dyana said...

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