Sunday, November 1, 2009

Walk #305: Daylight Savings Time...

An extra hour of sleep, due to this strange habit we have of turning the clock back one hour during the winter months.

My walk was after work. Short. Around the grounds of the hospital. Working 24 of the last 32 hours tires me.

Back to Daylight Savings Time. Seems to me that the hour should be lengthened more towards the end of the day. This sudden change of one hour less of sunlight in the evening pushes anyone with a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder towards the depressive abyss.

Yes, I meeting school buses should wait in the morning in daylight. I get that. But to lose an hour in the evening? An hour when, after work, we could be out walking, playing, running and carousing outside? Daylight Savings Time is skewed towards those industrious morning folk. People who actually enjoy the early hours (and are productive during them).

The early bird gets the worm (and the sun).


Ian Woofenden said...

Rode to the resort and back M-F: 1.6 miles each day

No ride Saturday -- last day of workshops

Did about 13 miles today on the electric assist bike.

Allan, I ride in the rain too.

The next week will be hard, since I'll be traveling to Colorado. We'll see...

Jackijo said...

Arizona does not have daylight savings time! We just deal with whatever light is available. There are some jobs that just work around the light, instead of the clock. I grew up on a farm where we worked when it was light. In the summer I don't even think we looked at a clock. I think that is why I have this bad habit of waking up when it's light no matter the time. I do agree that a few more hours of light in the evening in the winter would be nice!