Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Walk #328: Blustery!

An e-mail from Joni (who is in San Diego helping her Mom) buoys my spirits...Joni wrote, in part:

Also enjoyed your 'but is it fun?' piece on the other blog - even as i'm sitting around in central heat, enjoying hot showers and running water, all the TV I could ever want to indulge in, even walking around outside in sandals and short sleeves--I'm missing our clear, crisp mountain air, our star-filled skies, our whispering pines, creaking oaks, howling coyotes - the traffic noise here never ceases! Paper tells of two pedestrians mowed down on sidewalks by intoxicated drivers, one at 7am! Too many blasted people moving around way too fast....and I miss you, Angel and Rocky -

I forgot to take pictures on my walk with Angel today. I was too busy listening to the wind blowing through the trees. A warm day, but the wind is blowing. I can hear it as I type this.

A sensuous experience, listening to the wind. A sign of Spirit--which is often called a wind. I love it!


Ian Woofenden said...

A productive ride round the block, including meeting the meter man to initialize a solar-electric system, requesting chips from the county road clean-up crew, and talking with a long-time neighbor who lost his wife this summer.

Also, the new windshield clearly has increased my speed:

6.84 miles
11.45 mph average
38.78 mph max

Not really trying to break records, either in average speed or max -- it just happened...

Woodswalker said...

Angel looks quite angelic! And quite happy to be at home. Yes, the wind is the breath of the earth, when gentle, but pretty scary when it blows strong.

I hope you can all be together for Thanksgiving. One way or another, I wish you a happy day.

Allan Stellar said...


You are getting in frighteningly good shape. And I'm reconsidering that offer you made yesterday...if it still stands.


I'll be spending the next week (and Thanksgiving) with the poor, downhearted, downtrodden and psychotic. Our little family won't be reunited until the middle of next week. It is what it is...