Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walk #307: Moonlight Decisions....

Drove home last night, across the Sacramento Valley with the "Comanche" nearly full moon on the rise. I swear this is the largest moon I have ever seen; the orb beaming it's blessings on the Earth.

Along the way I stopped at an ATM to take my financial vital signs. Looks good! That turkey feather that I found a couple of months ago has certainly pointed the way to greater abundance in our lives. Been working hard--and with the debtor wolves at the door--I've been able to distract them a bit.

I'm lucky really. When so many other folks have been out of work, I've been blessed with extra hours galore. A perfect situation. It is hard to find a part-time benefited position with the option of adding hours as needed. I am thankful.

And it is good to take advantage of opportunities when they come your way, as you never know when trouble might be on the horizon. When I got home, I found a deeply troubled Joni. Her Mother is ill and in the hospital.

First I take a moonlight walk with Angel (our dog). Walk home. And then Joni and I take another "Comanche" moonlight walk, as the girls slept. We make the decision that she should fly to San Diego to see how she can help. I will stay home with the girls, dog, cat, bunnies, chickens and the uncompleted house.

We process and plan as we walk--all the while blessed by the light of the moon.

Joni is having one of those: "Should I really go?" moments--as she thinks of her obligations to her two part time jobs and her Grandchildren. I tell her to go...

The photo above is of Joni driving off to catch her flight. Go with Angels wings...

Now, what the heck am I gonna make for dinner?

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