Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walk #329: Doggy Camp Incarceration

A busy day today. I over stocked the chickens, bunnies and cat with food and water. They will have to survive on their own until Saturday. I then cleaned up the place, made sure everything was buttoned up, sealed up, plugged up, belted down, covered and unplugged. I then packed the car and took Angel for one last walk.

After the walk I had to get the dear dog into the car. She wouldn't budge. She could do the math: "No humans here--and he packed the car: Oh no! I'm going to doggy camp!"

I tried treats to get her into the car; wouldn't budge. I tried pulling her into the car; she resisted. Finally I found an old dirty sock that I (somehow?) managed to get her to follow into the car. A dirty sock as a prized possession?

I dropped off Angel at the doggy camp where she will be incarcerated for the next four days. I paid extra money for her to have the "pond walk". Eases my guilt. I left the sock with her for company (she seemed to like it). Brokenhearted, I left the doggy camp prison--and drove to the Napa Valley.

My neck is healed. I now have to work for a living again.