Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walk #325: Amy and Me...

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and I flash a peace sign...

A nice sunny day..

This morning I kissed Joni good bye as she drove off to spend another week in San Diego with her Mother. The girls went with her, leaving me alone with the cat, dog, bunnies and chickens for the next week. I hope they live!

I had a busy day planned. First down to Chico to have coffee with some spiritually challenged nerdy friends. These discussions have a way of lasting for hours---and this one did too. The topic of conversation: Bruegemann's 19 thesis.

Then back up the hill to walk the dog. My walk for the day.

After playing with Angel, it was back to Chico to attend a "meet and greet" with Amy Goodman (host of Democracy Now!). I managed to talk with her briefly, had her sign a book and lastly she posed with me for a photo.

I wore my "Crocodile Dundee" vest--thinking that would impress her. It didn't seem to. I asked her to sign my book with "Sorry there wasn't any wine". (They were supposed to have wine at this event--but they didn't come through with that. A travesty!; just some organic fruit juices were available--Lefties really need to lighten up about the health thing and have a good time now and then!). Amy chuckled and then signed it with her standard: "For Allan...Keep Democracy Now!"

Oh well.

Book signings are uncomfortable affairs anyway. Usually the author is paraded out like a piece of meat. Cameras flashing. The fan has all of ten seconds to say something witty and make a connection. If the author has a following (as Amy did) there are about one hundred people standing in line--waiting for their fifteen seconds with the author. In this case, Amy looked exhausted--as I was towards the end of the line. You can only play the part of the approachable author for so long before your fame (and the hundreds of fans) gets the best of you.

Or maybe she didn't like my vest?

At least Amy flashed a peace sign for the photo...and I reciprocated.


Woodswalker said...

So that's what Amy looks like. I listen to her all the time on the radio, and you know, that's just what I imagined she would look like.

Enjoy your temporary bachelorhood. And convalescence. Hope you're feeling better.

Allan Stellar said...

Hey Woods,

Amy Goodman is a national treaure, in my view...

As for Joni being gone? I splurged on a few books yesterday to keep me company. One of them suggested by Greentangle: Dark Green Religion (although Joni got it right when she said they should have called it Deep Green Religion--as she says Religion is about Light; I Agree). I also bought Mike Roselle's book: Treespiker. A decent defense of direct action.



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