Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walk #308: T-Shirt and Shorts...

November 4 and it is downright hot outside.

Joni is hanging in the air someplace in California right now; I hope her Southwest pilots aren't taking a nap. As Joni flew to see her Mother in San Diego, Angel and I took a two hour hike on the Ridge. An awesome day which reminds me why I live in California.

I wear a T-shirt (from Fallen Leaf Campground at Lake Tahoe) and shorts. Angel wears her leash. We are joined on the hike by one of the neighbor's dogs (Grady). The dogs romp. I walk. Good for both human and dogs.

Not much to report. The Killer Bees and their hive have vacated the Ridge. One of my "off grid" neighbors was playing their stereo. There was a huge mound of bear scat on my driveway (gotta tell Joni about that when she comes home).

I returned from the hike sweaty and happy. The two seem to go together. A friend of mine once told me that a person should sweat, at least, four times a week. Agreed.

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