Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 106: Walking and Literature...

A restorative walk in Calistoga today. Followed by a bit of a walk in a vineyard. I needed it (and it really is too bad I can't ethically write about my nursey activities). Suffice it to say that I have done way more medical nursing lately than I ever have had to do in my life. I'm getting good at it.

I read last night that Rousseau's best work was one on walking (I believe it was his last book--gotta put that on my reading list). Some have credited Rousseau with starting the modern environmental movement. He was a walker.

Rousseau walked. Thoreau walked. Muir walked. Abbey walked. Leopold walked. Krutch walked. Mills walked. Can you name others who either wrote essays about walking, or entire books?

It is a grand enviro-literature tradition.


lph said...

Paul Gruchow was a walker and a hiker and a writer. "The Necessity of Empty Places" is a terrific read.

Allan Stellar said...

Another one for my reading list! Thanks!