Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 92: Drastic Measures and Jim Beam Black

I took my dog and my virus for a walk today. A short walk along the bulldozed fire trails (which has become my new thing).

Still sick (called in sick for tomorrow too), it is time for drastic measures. Since mucinex, benadryl, ibuprofen, emergen-C and chicken soup aren't working--time to change the approach. I drove down to the dome store and picked up my new flu fighting weapons: potato chips and Jim Beam Black.

Jim Beam Black is aged an additional four years. Eight years total. It has a more mature, smokey look to it. I'd like to say what it tastes like, but unfortunately, taste buds don't operate with this amount of sludge in the nasal canals.

My Nursey reasoning to this approach? What is bad for the body, must be bad for the bug! This should kill most anything preying upon my system.



lph said...

If Kentucky whiskey won't kill this bug, then nothing will.

Allan Stellar said...

Actually, Jim Beam Black ain't half bad. Certainly worth the price...