Monday, April 19, 2010

Days 107 and 108: A Bit of Cheer!!

The best time to visit the Napa Valley is in April when it isn't raining. The explosion of California poppies and lupine are magnificent! Everything is green! So on Saturday, I dropped into a winery. Bennett Lane Winery.

I decided to ship a few bottles to someone special for his birthday (and you'll be getting them soon!). Late, of course. Didn't stop me from tasting their marvelous wine. They have a white blend called "Maximus" which is unusual and quite good. They also have a red blend (also called "Maximus"--guess they ran out of names) which also is almost always unusually good. And they had a 93 point Syrah (and priced to go along with the rating) which was memorable. I bought a bottle of the white Maximus for my supper, finished my walk and headed back to the Monastic Dorm. Fell asleep by Seven pm.

Sunday. Tired. Just a jaunt around the crowded, upscale town of St. Helena. Tourists everywhere, flaunting their designer sun dresses and starched short sleeve shirts usually with a horse and rider insignia on them. California Yuppie Casual. Ducked into my favorite restaurant for a burger and a couple of Anchor Steams on draft and then back to my room. Fell asleep at Six o'clock.

Slept til three am this morning---waking up feeling disoriented; not knowing what day of the week, nor what time of the day it was.

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