Thursday, April 22, 2010

Days 111 and 112: Eaarth Days....

Back across California yesterday, to reunite with the Homestead. Took an evening walk with Angel--and then a more substantial one today. I couldn't figure out why the camera didn't work. Turns out you need to put new batteries in the thing now and then. So you have to settle for a picture of Angel on my deck that is in the process of being scraped. The winter rains took a toll on the deck.

Too bad the camera didn't work. The first California poppies are blooming. As are the Mariposa lilies. This past week has led to an explosion of Flora on the Ridge.

And Fauna too.

Angel caught a baby jackrabbit the other day. Luckily, Angel didn't know what to do with the thing...and the bunny escaped!

I came home to a shipment of books from Amazon. Being that it is Earth Day--I read most of Mckibben's "Eaarth" (yes, that is the correct spelling) last night. This is an important book in my view. A must read! Mckibben adopts the view that we have created a new planet, hence the new spelling. Climate change has created a whole new era; things don't look good.

More when I finish the book... Happy Earth Day!


Woodswalker said...

Thanks for the heads-up about McKibben's new book. Although I must say I am so discouraged about the human race sometimes, I don't even want to think about looming ecological disaster. We're gonna get what we deserve, I'm afraid. I just spent Earth Day picking up trash in a state park and can't believe what pigs human beings can be.

Allan Stellar said...


Agreed on the bad news part. But it is news that needs to be told. And if we don't...who will?

How wonderful to pick up trash on this most sacred of days...