Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 117: Rain and the Bibs...

Raining again. Angel and I decided to "risk it" by walking through some of the burned over areas from the great fire of 2008. I'll write another day about the connection between this forest destroying, crown burning fire and climate change (which was brought to light to me by McKibben's book: Eaarth).

No, today is a day for sloggenly marching through mud and hoping to avoid some widow makers. And all of this done in my Biboveralls.

Why? Because I have to pick up the girls from school today (Joni is working late this week) and they absolutely are mortified when I show up to their school wearing my Redneck Costume. Kylie and Jazzie see me in my Bibs and do everything possible to avoid having any connection to me whatsoever. They don't make eye contact. They run to the car. They don't acknowledge me. They treat me like I'm a Black man at a Tea Party Rally!

I live for their blushes. Their total embarrassment. Their wanting to get the hell out of there before their friends see me!

And then while safely in the car, they yell at me. "Why did you wear those to our school! You look sooooooooo stuuuuuupiiiiiiid in those things!".

I always non-chalantly drive away--and then I ask them if they would like to go to Paradise, Oroville or Chico to buy some supplies?

The girls look at each other weighing the tradeoffs in their eight and ten year old heads. If they go with me, they will be with someone totally uncool; yet, if they do go with me, they might get something they like? A book. Clothes. A treat. A visit to a malt shoppe.

I am evil. I live for this...

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