Monday, April 5, 2010

Days 94 and 95: Good Bye Monastic Dorm

Worked Easter. Off to bed.

Called in sick for today as I continue to wrestle with this demon bug. Jim Beam is no match for it.

Much fear and gnashing of teeth here at the hospital. Quite a few Nurses and other health professionals stay at what I affectionately call "The Monastic Dorm". No more.

When I arrived at my room, I discovered that it had new carpet (really ugly), new artwork (unbelievably bad) and fresh paint (much too dark). The Powers That Be have decided to increase revenue by turning this old dormitory into an outpatient residence for people in recovery from substance abuse.

Which means that I will no longer have housing. They gave us all of two weeks notice.

Of course, many of us have complained. Since the hospital owns some 70 houses in the area, my proposal is to create a Nurse Hostel for those of us who travel. And also for all those Nurses who double back and don't want to risk the highways in an exhausted state.

Oh, there will be some rabble rousing around this! Probably to no avail. I have asked Security where I could pitch a tent for the summer (and since one of their employees also is affected by this)--they were sympathetic and will scour the grounds for my campsite. My own homeless camp.

Or will I sleep in my car?

Will the hospital decide that a 130 year tradition of housing Nurses on the grounds come to an end? Will a few upstart RN's affect the closing of one of the more compassionate aspects of this hospital for its workers? Stay tuned.

This could be interesting...


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