Thursday, September 24, 2009

Me? A Wine Blogger?

Somebody sent my name into Scribnia.

Scribnia is a new website that intends to find decent writers and columnists on the web. The editors verify that "yes, you have been published", and then they let your web stuff on to their site. Once on Scribnia, readers can give you the thumbs up, or down, or write a review. They can call you names or proclaim you to be the next Hemingway.

The good people at Scribnia put your writing into categories. The editors there decided I was a Wine Writer!

I probably got that designation because of all my walks in the Napa Valley. Edward Abbey didn't like being called a Nature Writer. I'm just happy to be called a matter what the category.

But I am not a Wine Writer: I am a Wine Drinker. My pallet is not better than others. I'm no somnelier. I hardly know the difference between a bouquet or a finish. I don't know what maloactic means. I can't recognize a grape hanging on the vine. I'm no Robert Parker.

I do like wine though. And I walk to wineries now and then.

I wrote a review of myself for Scribnia--and with that review, I catapulted myself into the Number One status. I guess Wine Writers aren't all that popular on Scribnia yet.

Feel free to follow the link to the right and write a review of this blog--or just give the Scribnia people a look-see.

In addition, I've also started the laborious task of labeling these walks as to their location. So if you want to read about various walks in the Napa can just hit that icon and do so.

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