Sunday, September 13, 2009

Walk #254: Mud Day!!

Saturday. We had 12 children, 10 adults and 5 dogs over to put mud on the house. We worked hard all day and got quite a bit done. Afterwards we had a celebratory barbecue, and two families camped out on our property. We talked theology and politics deep into the night under the stars.

So my walk consisted of a couple potty walks for Angel. Not too far...but the hard work on the house made up for the walks brevity.

Thanks to Jonathon, Linn, Jason and Julia (and Santiago), Joshua and Summer (and their three children), Patrick (who organised the day for us), and Rachel (who was a trooper hanging out with the older adults). Six other neighbor kids came over to spend the day and have mud fights. Even the adults had a mud fight.

A grand time was had by all....

PS...You can see photos of the "Mud Day" on my other blog...or just click here.


Ian Woofenden said...

Rode to meditation, stopped by Andy's, and then went by John's to look at, and ultimately cowboy down a tree. Walked/rode through the woods home from there -- the trail needs a clearing party.

Sore today -- not surprising

11.18 miles
8.90 mph average, taking it easy
31.84 mph max

Yesterday, I thought about doing something, but it required using a car, and I decided not to...

[rachel] said...

You forget, this is pretty solidly who I hang out with the majority of the time. I've actually started to feel weird around a lot of kids my own age.

Not sure if that's good or bad, but oh well.

Allan Stellar said...


I'm glad you enjoy hanging out with those idealistic nerds... :)