Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Walk #264: Back From Exile...

Ah, at last: home. Back from my nine day exile in the Napa Valley.

Got home in time to do the Lolipop walk with Joni. We don't usually do this, but we left the girls at home. Angel was happy to join us, as we talked of our adventures. Joni's brother Ed visited while I was gone. And sleepovers for the girls.

I told Joni about how I got attacked at work, and managed to protect myself with a well timed shove with my foot to the attacker's abdomen. Nearly got my clock cleaned.

I told Joni of my ER visit, the abscess and how the thing cleared today with the help of Penicillin (yeah!).

Getting back to this wilderness home brings sanity and peace to my life. I love it up here with all the critters and the Rednecks, Potheads, Disabled folk living cheap off the land. Comparing Concow to the Napa Valley is as disparate of socio-economic groups to be found anywhere. Think Calcutta meets Madison Avenue. I love the diversity it brings to my life.

Good to be home. Photos have been added to a couple of the previous posts...check 'em out!


Ian Woofenden said...

Short rides in the neighborhood today, some on trail.
2.52 miles
8.15 mph average
27.02 mph max

Woodswalker said...

Glad you're feeling better, Allan. And yes, I agree, there's no place like home. One of the joys of my work as a Hospice NA was witnessing the homelife of all kinds of people. From dirt-floor hovels to stately mansions, home was home, a good place to be.

Allan Stellar said...

Hi Woods,

And all those folks in hospice took the same amount of money with them as they transitioned to the other side...

That's why I have a dirt floored hovel... :)


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