Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Walk 265: Angel On Obama...

100 walks left. That is, if I haven't gotten my count off somehow. I had intended to hike down the canyon today, but laziness and sloth won the battle. Instead, Angel and I walked to the gate.

Along the way, I asked Angel her doggy sense of how Obama is doing? Her answer surprised me:

Allan: "So what do you think of Obama?"...

Angel: "I am hopeful about things. It looks like Obama might be taking a significant turn to the left".

"How so?" I asked my canny canine.

"First off, the public option is still on the table. In the Senate, it is still a part of four of the five bills. Obama still gives it credence, despite some trial balloons to get rid of it. This is courageous, given that he is taking on about 20 percent of the nation's economy". Angel then stopped to sniff some other creature's scat.

"Anything else?", I asked my Lab.

"Why yes", Angel woofed. "The decision to pull those missiles out of Poland is the first time any dog can remember that we actually pulled out of an aggressive posture. Some hounddogs state that this might be the very first, slight, tentative move towards retracting the American Empire".

"Really!" I said.

"Sure", Angel the Yellow Lab barked. "And now Obama is reconsidering our position in Afghanistan. Looks like he might be rethinking our commitment there".

"Wow", that is great...

"Of course, Obama should have replaced my long lost relatives, the Wolves, on the endangered species list. He has a long way to go when it comes to those policies". Angel tugged on the leash--and made me head for home.

Obama, from the pup's point of view...

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Ian Woofenden said...

Biked to the ferry to post flyers, meet daughter, and drop a book with a friend. On the way there, I set a waypoint for a new trail I'm hoping to build. On the way back, I bushwhacked through from the other side. Now to get permission to cut it, and make a now island trail connection...

8.09 miles
10.38 mph average, even with the bushwhacking walking
28.71 mph max