Monday, September 7, 2009

Walk #249: Dark Early...

Up at 5 am having slept in R.'s backyard. My sleeping bag was drenched in dew. The nights are getting colder.

Off to work. Worked all day and back to the Monastic Dorm. I fall asleep for three hours.

My walk was a short one in St. Helena (in order to buy soup and bread, my evening meal staples). I am not fully awake. When I awoke this afternoon, I thought it was the next morning. I feel something like that character in Kafka's novel.

The evenings are noticeably darker early now. Less and less sunlight every day. Soon the rains will start and we will slide into the hellish northern California winter. Hellish you say? Yes. Winter in Northern California means that you are wet all the time. Your shoes are always soaked. It is dark by four pm. It is not unusual to have thirty straight days of rain. Thirty straight days of overcast skies. Not much sunlight.

Rain is worse than snow for outdoors activities. You can play in the snow. Playing in the rain leads to hypothermia, swine flu, soggy skin and an early death.

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