Sunday, September 27, 2009

Walk #269: Last of the Foothills Heat?

We are still in the midst of a late September heat wave. Yet another day of 100 degree Fahrenheit weather. And, being off grid and all, we don't have air conditioning. The nice thing about a late September heat wave is that the temperatures ease when the sun starts going down. Since the sun is going down earlier; so do the temperatures.

The lollipop walk with my dog. I didn't notice much. Just more acorns. I haven't seen a new plant in months. Everything is crispy brown. Torturedly hot.

The best thing about walking in such weather is returning home to the thermos that we keep filled with ice during the summer. Our drinking water. Having ice in a heat wave is a lovely treat. Wards off the kidney stones, ever a danger for a northern European male living in a hot climate. On days like these you can't get enough water. No other liquid tastes as good.

We mix the store bought ice with our well water. This water, which comes from our 110 foot deep well, also tastes sublime. Heaven. Are there health benefits from not drinking chlorinated water? I think so. Can't tell you what they are, but I'm sure it is there...

Tomorrow is supposed to be a cooler day. Perhaps the worst of the heat is over?

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