Monday, September 21, 2009

Walk #263: Saguaro Allan

A T-shirt in a St. Helena shop...

Had to call in sick to work this morning. The cactus in my mouth grew to the size of a saguaro during the night. Time to let the Penicillin do it's work---which it has. I've got myself on a clear liquid diet. Good thing I have famine insurance around my mid-section.

So I slept in. Off to St. Helena for my latte' (five bucks!) and took a walk around town for an hour. Hot today, as the temperature is supposed to get up to 105 Fahrenheit.

Walking amongst the tourists and trust funders, it seems I'm the only one who sweats. My t-shirt is soaked with perspiration. Everyone else looks fresh and cool.

Back to the Homestead in the afternoon tomorrow. I should be able to work my last shift, as this abscess has gotten less angry. A long put off visit to the dentist awaits...

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Ian Woofenden said...

Rode in the gathering dark to the park and back with F. Did a bit of extra on my own while she took a breather at the park.
6.46 miles
8.13 mph average
22.74 mph max