Thursday, December 3, 2009

Walk #337: The Canyon...

The path to the bottom of the Canyon.

Today I applied for a passport. I have a big trip planned for which I am desperately working on getting back into backpacking shape. More on the trip as we get into shape...

Step out my front door and you can take a path down to the bottom of the Feather River Canyon. I don't know exactly how deep it is. Some say 500 feet--others have said 1,500. So I'll split the difference and call it 750 feet deep. It is deep enough anyway.

The path that takes you down there is steep! Leg quivering, lungs bursting steepness! It took me exactly 45 minutes to hike to the bottom (at doggy sniffing pace). It took me 61 minutes and 28 seconds to hike back up. Back up the hill in Concow Death March fashion.

I have a ways to go to be ready for this planned hike in January (that requires a passport)!