Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Walk #350: Home to Sanity...

Back home to our living room. And sanity.

Work yesterday. And then the drive across the northern Sacramento valley. Back to Joni, the Girls, the cat, the bunnies and the pup. Our two chickens have become coyote chow. Gone. God bless their memories.

A walk with Joni in the dark. Time to process the week. The last five days at work were quite stressful. Downright difficult. The emphasis is on charting at the moment. Never mind the intangibles: treat the chart! I have had 8 different managers in six years. Never had a problem. But now it seems that my values and therapeutic style is, more and more, out of vogue in my work environment. A new cadre of recent hires is perplexed by my "least restrictive" style; they aren't happy. Gone is the emphasis on a "Sanctuary"model. No more talk of empowering patients. The old psychiatric nursing paradigm of barbed wire, limit setting and "rules" has weaselled its way back into this unit--that for years has been one of the best (in my view) in the business.

Plus I was told that the newest uberboss wants to create a "corporate culture" in the hospital. This means a new emphasis on window dressing and no substance. I have been told to "lay low". To not express opinions. To wear nicer clothes. I was told I will not be happy. Can I keep my mouth shut? Is this what corporate culture is: Keep your mouth shut and wear your Sunday best?

So Joni and I walked. She feels better. Her Mom (who has been ill) has reversed years of decline on a medication that I suggested. Good.

My passport arrived in the mail.

Lots of decisions to make. Financial. Personal. Health. Recreational. Occupations. We walked and talked--not really knowing what to do, or what is around the corner.

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greentangle said...

Bummer on the job front. Corporate culture flat out sucks as far as I'm concerned. Awhile back the Boston newspaper had a section on best places to work based mostly on how people were treated as individuals with respect, etc., and they all sounded good to me. I've never worked anywhere that would make that list.

Can building a home in Costa Rica be far behind?