Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Walk #357: The Long Loop Again...

Joseph Krutch wrote:

"In nature, one never really sees a thing for the first time until one has seen it for the fiftieth".

So I did the Long Loop with book laden backpack one more time. Perhaps my fiftieth time? It took me 49 minutes and 35 seconds. That is two minutes faster than yesterday. Angel came along to provide comedy and companionship.

I thought about doing the Canyon, but I didn't feel real strong today.

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Ian Woofenden said...

Yesterday I only rode to the mailbox and back, and then drove to Seattle for a friend's 60th birthday party and to pick up daughter #3 from the airport. I used to like driving, and still can deal, but yesterday I felt cheated out of a bike ride. They should put pedals in cars, so you can at least move the car 2 mph, and let the engine do the other 68...

Today I did the 8, and did various errands -- stopped to arrange some tractor, carpentry advice, and office help for tomorrow, looked at some used solar collectors, checked the flow on two potential hydro sites, and saw a neighbor's new house.

13.04 miles includes about .7 from yesterday
11.02 mph average includes walking up the hill to the neighbor's and through the woods home; the faring is not good for bumpy trail riding -- I might need to get a separate trail bike...
38.06 mph max