Thursday, December 10, 2009

Walks #343 and #344: Cold!!

It is so cold that the dog and the cat have given up their eternal war, declared a truce, in order to share a warm bed. If these two can declare a ceasefire, then there is hope for peace everywhere!

Three days and the snow hasn't melted yet...

"There is no bad weather, just bad clothes". I think that line came from the 90's TV show, Northern Exposure...and while true--there are times when you'd just rather go to Tuscon. Outside walks in subfreezing temperatures? They generally suck.

It feels like Jack London's "To Build a Fire" out there. Yesterday, an afternoon walk. This morning, a predawn walk with Angel (today is a travel day and I needed to get it in early). I look forward to a return to the balmy weather that enticed me to California in the first place.

Forget every criticism I've ever made of inside workouts and treadmills. I would gladly trade a frigid walk for a warm gym, on a treadmill, with an Ipod. At least for a day or two, after which, I would cheerfully return to coaxing this indoor culture to get outside.

But only if it is warm.


Ian Woofenden said...

365 Ice Skates....

Well, a few anyway. Tonight i sat down to put on my biking shoes and saw my skates there, and realized that it was a bit dopey to take a bike ride when it's around 20 degrees and there is the rare skateable ice on the pond, AND I love skating and have a minor addiction to hockey. So I did my biking time on blades. No mileage or average puck speed though. ;-)

Ian Woofenden said...

When I started out our road this morning at about 6:30, I saw a light through the woods! This is unheard of. Well, I can remember one other time seeing a light from our property. I decided to try to identify it, so I road the west side (the long and steep way). I think I know which light it is. I guess I have to plant some conifers. ;-)

Went to town, appointments, errands, etc. Good visiting with friends and neighbors, and I bought a pricey piece of plastic (Lexan) for a new bike windshield/faring, which I've been working on this afternoon.

15.82 miles
10.78 mph average
32.61 mph max

Ian Woofenden said...

Second ride today -- I went out to check my new windshield/faring contraption.

2.35 miles
10.55 mph average
29.60 mph max

lph said...


Winter is Wisconsin is well under way. Tuesday into Wednesday we got 15" of snow. An arctic blast followed the blizzard. -10 yesterday, -2 today but jumping all the way to 24 degrees tomorrow.

And yet truly...I love it here.

Walk On(ward)!