Thursday, December 24, 2009

Walk #359: The Canyon With a Backpack

The Sutter Buttes in the distance with fog on the valley floor...

The downed Oak (the turnaround spot)..

Down the Canyon this morning. With book laden backpack. This is a steep hike--but not steep enough for handholds. Angel, my dog, didn't even want to come with me. Too early for her, I guess.

It is about a mile from my house to where the path plunges down the Canyon. You walk with a sense of doom, knowing that for every step down, you have to take a step back up. It is sort of like making the condemned to be executed to sharpen the knife of the guillotine.

I didn't go all the way to the bottom of the Canyon. I turned around 3/4 of the way down--where a fallen Oak blocks my path. Don't feel like crawling over it. Or under it.

I start back up. My goal is not to sit down; I do stop and pant now and then.

Let's check my pulse: 196!

196 beats per minute is about 20 beats over the maximum heart rate of what a man my age should ever do. Any coronary blockage or weakness in a coronary vessel--and I will be dead. Happily, I live. Those coronary guidelines are for other people. Not me. It takes me 20 minutes to grunt up the steepest parts of the Canyon.

At the top of the hill, I take the long way home--getting in one more very long hill. Compared with the canyon, the hills of my regular loop are easy.

This hike took me one hour and thirty-three minutes.


Ian Woofenden said...

Allan, please stay alive long enough for the Durika hike. ;-)

I just went out to my bike for today's ride and found that I hadn't brought my speedometer in to record yesterday's ride.

Yesterday I went to town for appointment and errands.
14.64 miles
11.23 mph average
29.60 mph max

Now back to the bike for today's ride

Ian Woofenden said...

Just back from today's ride:

12.84 miles
12.00 mph average
37.02 mph max

Did the 8, with stops to load some used solar hot water collectors into our truck (which Z brought), chat with a friend at the ferry dock, stop at the store to get chocolate fix and stocking stuffers, but it's closed, and a stop to leave a joke gift for a friend. Gorgeous sunny and _cold_ day.