Monday, December 7, 2009

Walk #341: Snow...

Snow starts to fall...


Well, that was an interesting twenty four hours. I only had time to take a few "doggy walks" with my pup. We had a bit of snow this afternoon. This is about all the snow I really want for the winter. Looks pretty, but I've had enough. No need for a White Christmas in my book.

For those who might be interested: Joni is home---safe and sound. She feels fine. Extensive tests report there was no damage done. Gave us a bit of a scare though...

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Ian Woofenden said...

Very good news about Joni!

I did a night ride again, after procrastinating about getting on the bike until after 8 PM. Figure I'd wimp out and just do the block, but went ahead and did the 8. It's below freezing, but I wish I hadn't worn my sweater, because I came back drenched in sweat. It really doesn't take long to get warmed up, and it's good to be selective about what parts you dress up warm -- toes need extra.

11.81 miles, plus part of the driveway that I spent getting the speedometer working
1:01, OK to spare an hour; much better than the ways I spend some hours
11.58 mph average, I'm pushing the hills these days
38.06, no windshield -- brr ;-0