Monday, December 14, 2009

Walk #346, #347 and #348: The American Legion

My friend (whom I call Hunter) holds a $90 bottle of Scotch that he shared with his friends...

The 1898 Naval gun outside the American Legion

Getting behind here. Still in the Napa Valley.

Saturday...a short walk before meeting a couple of friends--and then attendance at a Christmas Party Potluck. Notable items: Hunter brought a special bottle of single malt Scotch (Lagavulin!) for us to enjoy--which we did with gusto.

Sunday...a walk around the hospital grounds, after working and being out much too late the night before. Early to bed with Thoreau and Walden. I especially enjoyed the section of him describing how he built his cabin.

Monday: a relaxed walk around St. Helena. Came across an old Navy battle gun on display outside the American Legion. The gun is from 1898--the year of the Spanish/American War. Some argue that this war was a turning point in the American pursuit of Empire. It finally dawned on me that the organization: The American Legion--is named for the Roman fighting unit. A Legion was about 5,000 Roman soldiers. Seems fitting.

Now to more pressing questions: Do Republicans golf more or less than Democrats? And do Republicans buy more luxury mansions around golf courses? I suspect the answer is yes...but--as usual--I offer no proof. To my quasi-Marxian, class warfare, kneejerk Lefty brain, this answer seems self-evident. A priori.


Ian Woofenden said...

The bigger question is whether there is a significant difference between Republicans and Democrats. I think not. Did you see the Jon Steward clip about Obama's Afghanistan clip? It would be truly funny if he was making it up... ;-(

One of the many reasons I like Ron Paul is that he avoids the labels and stereotypes, and persistently brings the discussion back to a focus on _ideas_ and principles and their impact. Making snide remarks about golfing Republicans, to me seems to mask the real questions in name-calling. I hold similar concerns about golf courses, but think that blaming it on my political party undermines those concerns.

Ian Woofenden said...

Rode to town for a dentist appointment. Ride in was driving rain; ride back was wind at my back and no rain. Before I left, I made some refinements on my faring, which made it quieter (less vibration) and sleeker. I like it.

13.62 miles
11.11 mph average
30.45 mph max

Allan Stellar said...

Hey Ian,

On golfing and name calling. True. Sometimes I like to provoke. Can't help it... :)

As for the difference between Republicans and is hard to tell, isn't it? Lately, it seems that Obama has hired Bush2's speech writer.