Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Walk #351: Costa Rica

Okay. I have to get serious. I bought an airline ticket for San Jose, Costa Rica today. Ian (who is in great shape and writes in the comments) invited me to accompany him to a village in Costa Rica--and also to backpack for four days and climb a 10,000 foot mountain in a nature reserve there. We will have a Naturalist along with us. This will be in some very primitive country that doesn't get many visitors.

My hope is to find a jaguar footprint.

I have said no, yes, no, yes to this trip...but what cinched the deal was that my passport came two weeks earlier than expected. And Joni wants me to go.

Exciting! But quite frightening. I wrote earlier that I wanted next year to be one of my most strenuous ever. This should be a good start.

Angel and I took a walk this afternoon. Hopefully, nearly a year of walking will help me with this endeavor. I'm down ten pounds---but will need to cut another fifteen or so to make this trip. Tis good to have a goal.

Tomorrow we train in earnest. Back on the diet. Gulp...


Ian Woofenden said...

In training still, to keep up with Allan. ;-)

Did the figure 8, with a stop at the store. Found some friends there tossing back a beer. I tossed back an orange juice and a Landjager. ;-) Good visiting and networking. Then finished the 8. Dark, but dry, and not too cold -- took my gloves off after a while, and the hood off, down to ball cap. Pushing the hills, standing up, until I'm gasping.

11.84 miles
12.23 mph average
35.49 mph max

lph said...


Sounds like a fantastic trip. I am certain all of your walking will help, but any of us who have gone into the mountains knows that no matter how much training we do, the mountains are still tougher than us. Enjoy the excursion! Enjoy getting in shape! It's nice to a have a supportive partner. Good job Joni!

Walk on!

Ian Woofenden said...

Did the 8, doing 2/3 on the way to a lunch appointment at the store. Phone call on the way home, which took the pace down.

11.88 miles
11.59 mph average
37.02 mph max -- I think the faring actually slows me at the top end