Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Walk #365? The Girls' Choice...

Hiking up a smallish hill...

Wearing the backpack filled with books...

My hiking companions...

Kylie and Angel...

Kylie and Jazzie had a choice. Go to the laundromat with Joni? Or go on the Long Loop with me? They chose to go with me. Nice to have some company.

So this is (somehow?) my 365th Walk. A whole year of getting outside at least once a day. A whole year of reading the Holy Trinity of Walkers: Muir, Thoreau and Abbey. What to say about walking?

It is slow.
Boring at times.
Lonely (most of my walks were solitary).
Mostly too short.
Sometimes wet.
Sometimes spooky.
Rarely uphill.

Did I lose weight? Around 17 pounds...but mostly at the end while training for the upcoming ascent of Mount Durika. I did get to watch the seasons change. I learned the flowers (as Snyder advises us to do). I got to know my ridge well. I got to know my neighbors. I got harassed by a few landowners in the Napa Valley. I drank lots of wine. I saw a mountain lion! Eagles! Hawks! Owls! Turkey vultures! Squirrels!

I met a monk. Visited lots of wineries. Had plenty of burgers after walking. And I sat down most days to write about the adventure. Sure was fun!

My family adapted. They would ask: "When are you going to walk?". I modeled for them the art of getting outdoors. And they joined me. Like today.

As they say in was a very good year. One more day...


Woodswalker said...

Congratulations, Allan! You did it! I bet your legs feel stronger than ever. Now don't give up this good habit. It sure has been fun following you on your walks. (How different your California path looks today than my northern NY one, as you can see if you look at my blog.)

I'm completing my first year with my blog, and when I look back and assess the good things that came to me, I think the connections I made with other bloggers has been a wonderful joy. Thanks for your loyal "followship," Allan. I always looked forward to your comments. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks Woods,

It has been a fun year. Thanks for following. And I visit your wonderful blog most days. Quite enjoyable; great photos! I look forward to the next year--a year I plan on enjoying some of the best hikes the west has to offer.



lph said...


Well done my friend. I stumbled upon your blog sometime in May and have rambled around with you ever since.

I enjoy the insights as much as I enjoyed the stories and the walks. I look forward to following your adventures into the next decade.

Have a great New Year and a fantastic trip to Costa Rica.



Anonymous said...

Not only completed the original 365 but eager to take on more! Way to go!--greentangle

Allan Stellar said...

Namaste' Larry. And thanks for taking these walks with me!

Thanks Green...Happy New Year!