Saturday, December 5, 2009

Walk #339: Black Tailed Deer and a Bear Track...part one

After the run...

Angel and I headed out this morning to do the Long Loop. My second day of running. We were rewarded for our due diligence with a nice view of a black tailed deer. A doe. She walked ahead of us as we ran down a hill; going up the other side of the hill, until she finally spotted us and bounded off...with her freak flag tail flying.

And when we got to the top of the second killer hill--a black bear track in the mud was our reward. I shall hike back later to get a photo of this. I've been looking for bear tracks since moving up here. It was nice to have this reward.

And my time? 39 minutes and 36 seconds. Almost a six minute improvement over yesterday. Hooray!

I take Angel with me as mountain lion bait. All the experts say that dogs attract mountain lion. I disagree--of all the mountain lion attacks over the last one hundred years in California, I cannot find one reference to there being a dog present during the attack. Besides, I like to think that Angel Chow is much better tasting than Allan Chow!

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