Friday, December 25, 2009

Walk #360: A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas Stroll

Christmas morning. Joni and I awaken to the brilliance of excited children. Nothing like opening presents at 7 am! It was an austere Christmas, as Joni and I have had a number of setbacks this last year. You would never know it from the glee that Jazmine and Kylie had for their mound of mostly simple presents. I remember reading Laua Ingalls Wilder, where she is incredibly happy about receiving an orange for Christmas. I was reminded of that when the girls opened their simple presents.

And a mystery present. Someone left us a couple boxes of groceries on our doorstep yesterday. We have no idea who? Or why?

I took a light Christmas morning stroll with Angel. Sore muscles from yesterday's endeavor. Humbled by the excitement these girls had over some very simple presents: A ten pack of gum; little do dads; trinkets. And a camera for Jazzy and an MP3 player for Kylie. You would have thought they won the lottery!

Simplicity is underrated. When we forget how to delight in the simple, we lose much of the wonder and imagination of life. Even the simple act of taking a walk with the dog can be finer than eating at the best Yuppie restaurant in the Napa Valley.

Keep it simple. The richest man is the man who has the fewest needs.


Ian Woofenden said...

Our Christmas present opening was late and leisurely -- didn't get started until about 10! It's obvious that our kids are older.

This afternoon I did an easy ride to the crossroads and back with F. Stopped to visit with neighbors out for a walk with family and friends.

5.70 miles
7.35 mph average
23.40 mph max

PS -- Ingalls, not Engalls; read them many times to all our kids, and then they went on to read them many more times...

Woodswalker said...

Simple is lovely! The best gifts are the love we have for one another. Your family is blessed indeed. Hove a wonderful Christmas season and best of everything in the year to come.

Your friend, Jackie

Allan Stellar said...


Thanks for the fact checking! Oops! Ingalls. I've been trying to find a used copy of the first couple of books to read to Jazzy. She could use some help with her reading...and she just might relate to this series and the country life we've forced upon her. :)

Allan Stellar said...


I worked with a nurse today who is from your town in New York. She is a youngster, but I'm thinking you might know her parents. Small world.