Saturday, December 19, 2009

Walk: #353 and #354: Progress!

Wearing the backpack loaded with books...not visible in this photo.

A travel day yesterday. Had to take care of some nursey things in the Napa Valley. When I got home last night, Jazmine looked at me and said: "You look different".

I told her I was wearing a new shirt.

She said: "No---You look smaller". I grinned.

I had already noticed that my pants were too baggy. And my belt is too big. I took a walk in the moonlight last night. Thankful.

This morning I dug out all my old clothes. A shirt that I couldn't button three weeks ago, fits fine now. I wear it as I type this. I've lost four inches on my waist line. I have a simple strategy: A glass of juice in the morning, one very small meal in the evening and a bowl of Cheerios before bed. No wine. No beer. Spartan as a Tibetan Monk.

Today I loaded up the backpack I will use with old nursing textbooks and various other hardcover books. Michael Pollan. Ed Abbey. Joni threw in a "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" on top of the pack (don't know why). I then headed out with Angel to do the Long Loop. Two hills on this walk. The first hill went fine; the second was tougher. It is a steep critter and at the top I felt the urge to heave (but only for a minute). All in all, it went great.

Tomorrow I shall attempt to tackle the Canyon with my backpack.


Woodswalker said...

If you want to sustain your weight loss, Allan, you have to eat enough to maintain your metabolism and get adequate nutrition. If your regimen is too stringent, your body will go into starvation mode and hang on to every ounce of fat it can. Congratulations on the pounds lost, but do eat more for breakfast.

Ian Woofenden said...

I'm with Woodswalker -- you want to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy way, and what you describe seems unhealthy. I wish I could control my eating habit, and I do share your binge diet mentality, but it's not sustainable.

Today I rode the 8 in the late afternoon (daylight!) and in addition accomplished several things:
* Put workshop flyers up at the store
* Got my OJ and Green & Black's fix
* Donated my books and my father-in-law's books to the island library
* Talked with an acquaintance about and got the phone number of a sawmill operator I've been trying to find

12.00 mile (by chance, not me circling the driveway for the last .08 mile...)
11.63 mph average
38.06 mph max -- still not able to break this barrier with the faring

Allan Stellar said...

Aw shucks. Thanks for your concern woods and Ian. I'm only doing this for a few weeks to drop some poundage. When I fit into the 34" waist pants, then I will back off a bit. And I did eat a bit more yesterday...lost my will a bit.



Ian Woofenden said...

Hi Allan,

I'm not so much worried about the quantity as the quality. Cheerios?!? If you're going to eat only a little, I'd be making it high quality foods.

Hey, when will you change your main blog photo to the new you? Or you could put side by side fats against the thins... ;-)



Ian Woofenden said...

Did the meditation loop, with stops for an interview, some beach logging, some sawmill research, a brief solar tour, and a visit with my neighbor. Took most of the day...

12.27 miles
11.41 mph average
39.92 mph max

Allan Stellar said...


Oh it is hard to part with the Delicate Arch photo. And the new me ain't skinny enough to warrant a change quite yet...

Maybe in a month? :)

Ian Woofenden said...

You could use the arch for one half of the screen, and put the new you -- turned sideways -- on the other.

Later? ;-)