Friday, December 4, 2009

Walk #338: Or Waddle #1 and Consumer Militaristic Society

Time to get more serious about this training. Today I laced up my running shoes for the first time since 2005. I have many pounds of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Claret, Sangiovese and a few other varieties--to run off.

But we don't call it running. Or jogging. Those are much too dignified of terms for what I do. Now in my late forties, let's call it as we see it: Waddling.

Yup. I waddled.

The course. I have decided on two main staples to get into backpacking shape. The first one is the Canyon Hike. Did that yesterday. Today was my Long Loop.

When you live on a ridge, on a mountain, you can either go one of two directions: up or down (or down and then up). It is good terrain to get back into shape. The Long Loop consists of going down the ridge, with one deep plunge--followed by a killer hill; followed by yet another plunge--only to be beset with yet another killer hill and then a long, gradual incline back to the house.

I can walk the Long Loop in 60 to 65 minutes. It took me 45 minutes and 31 seconds to Waddle it.

And so now we have my base line times for both the Canyon Hike and the Long Loop. From here we shall monitor any improvement---and this should be a good indicator as to whether I can survive two very strenuous hikes in January.

Lest this blog become too aerobically oriented, let me quote from an e-mail exchange I'm having with a friend from high school that I have recently become reacquainted with. The subject is whether the United States is an empire or not.
All politics isn't local. All politics are moral. Our worldviews shape our politics. And our environment, class, faith system, family and on and on--shape our worldviews. Even if you say you aren't political, you are.

My premise:

We live in a Consumer Militaristic Society. This is the best way to describe American Society since the Second World War. This is not a sustainable system and should be opposed on all counts.

This Consumer Militaristic Society has not led to happiness. In fact, the Earth cannot tolerate this type of society. Witness: global warming, species extinction, desertification and the like.

Since all politics are moral, we need a change in morality. A new world view that is opposed to the current Consumer Militaristic system (which seems to be cracking all on its own).

We need to bring back new values--amongst them are:

1. Egalitarianism.

2. A devotion to the right of all species to pursue happiness (both flora and fauna). Deep Ecology.

3. A total rejection of both hyper-consumerism and militarism.

This is the lens that I use to perceive the world...


Ian Woofenden said...

Went to town for appointment and errands, enjoying social time on the ferry both ways.

13.28 miles
11.60 mph average
29.88 mph max

I'm in training to do a hike with a Michael-Mooreish oaf in January. ;-) With his training regimen, maybe he won't look so much like MM by then...

Allan Stellar said...


Wish I would have started this regimen a couple of months ago. Maybe I'll hire a Sherpa?

Woodswalker said...

Regarding your world view: Hear! Hear!

Good luck with your training regimen.